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Looking for a one-day road trip nearby Seoul?

How about a trip to Songdo International City?

Not only is this the home of the famous Song Triplets, 

it is also a famous filming location for recent hit drama Descendants of the Sun!  :)


We've got a recommended course all planned out for you,

Let's find out more below! 


     Songdo Central Park & Hanok Village

Did you know? Songdo Central Park is home to Korea's best marine park. :)

Several water leisure activities sucha as canoeing, kayaking, boat riding, water taxi and other programs are available for families, friends or even loved ones to spend time together in this bonding session-alike activity. Plus, love birds may also lock their love of promise at the 'Love Island'  a popular dating activity recently. 

At the Hanok Village, FREE performances are offered every other alternate month, so if you happened to be visiting in the month of free performance, lucky you! Aside from that, all visitors can enjoy the beautiful and romantic view, perfect for dating for couples~! ^^ 


     Desserts, Cafe Street


Feeling hungry after walking around or doing the water activities at Songdo Central Park? Proceed on for some desserts at the Cafe Street nearby!  Among all the cafes, one particular cafe (dal.koom COFFEE) is actually one of the filming locations of latest hit drama - Descendants of the Sun! Can you recall the scene where Captain Yoo Sijin and Sergeant Major Seo Daeyoung here? 

Cafe Streets

- From Hyundai Hill State, follow the pathway to World Mark,

- From POSCO Central Park 1, follow the path to Prugio Central Park 3

- NC Canal Cube Walk (Spring-Winter) buildings, each have an assortment of desserts including bingsu, bagel, homemade tea, ice-cream, homemade cakes, etc

     NC Canal Walk

Now that you had satisfied your hunger, how about some shopping time? This is a great place for couples to buy gifts for exchange, or families and friends to simply satisfy some shopping needs!  NC Cube Canal Walk is also known for its man-made water stream located in the middle, in between of European-style buildings found on both sides!


For those who would like to get an overview of the West sea, or simply experience a romantic ambiance during sunset, we would strongly recommend a visit to G-Tower ^^

In G-Tower, go up to IFEZ Promotion Hall on the 33rd floor and you can enjoy the 360-degrees devices installed and view various unique media exhibitions.

※ Operating Hours | Weekdays 10AM-8PM / Weekends 10AM-6PM

Visitors may also proceed to the 29th floor of G-Tower where the Sky Garden (weekends excluded), operating from 10AM to 7PM, is located. This is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the Songdo city! 

     NEATT (Northeast Asia Trade Tower), Oakwood Premium Hotel

Last but not least, introducing one of the best places to end the day with the best night view! The observatory on the 65th floor of the Northeast Asia Trade Tower will be transformed into a bar lounge in June, and is known to be the nation's 2nd tallest building that allows a bird's eye view of Songdo in a glance! (P.S Perfect location for a romantic proposal too!)  ^^

Have a better idea of touring Songdo now? *winks*

BUT! This is not all.  

Since this is our first posting after a long hiatus,

please look forward to more exciting updates soon! :)

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