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My Little Vacation, Islands in Incheon ⑦



Selected by CNN as Korea’s most beautiful island

 <Seonjaedo Island>



Oh wow!
The sea is parting!!!



You can see a biblical-like 'parting of the sea' on Seonjaedo Island!'





Tada! Isn’t it beautiful?
Seonjaedo Island has also been selected as Korea’s most beautiful island by CNN. The island that features the magnificent parting of the sea! Shall we explore the island now?




* Public transportation: Bus 790 (Singang Transportation) – See the red line in the map below -

Incheon City Hall Station, Exit 4 Walk 100 meters to the bus stop (across Baekjo Wedding Hall)
From Incheon (Yonghyeon-dong Terminal): 1 hour and 10 minutes
06:30, 09:00, 11:20, 13:50, 16:10, 18:30






Recommended route

Seonjaedo Mystic Sea Road (Mokseom Island, Cheukdo Island) – Yeongheung Bridge – Yeongheungdo Island (Janggyeongni Beach, Simnipo Beach, a colony of Korean hornbeams)




Seonjaedo Mystic Sea Road ((Mokseom Island, Cheukdo Island)



Seonjaedo Island-Mokseom Island




[Seonjaedo Island to Mokseom Island, the sea parting]



Beautiful scenery around Mokseom when water recedes. The water recedes twice a day caused by the ebb and flow of the tide. Oddly enough, the sea road that appears when the water recedes connects Mokseom Island and Seonjaedo Island. Perhaps this is how the uninhabited island invites guests over. Let us walk through the sea road to visit this mystic island Mokseom.





Mokseom Island seen beyond the sand road. It looks peaceful yet lonely.





Unique rocks and trees are found in Mokseom Island with the beautiful ocean behind. This untouched nature will give you a full-on relaxation experience and feature natural beauty.



Seonjaedo Island-Cheukdo Island



 Now is the time to visit Mokseom Island’s neighbor, Cheukdo Island!





Located 1km west of Seonjaedo Island, Cheukdo Island is where you can see the miracle of the sea parting. It becomes an island separated from Seonjaedo when the water comes in but a road for cars appears during ebb tide.





There are people who live in Cheukdo Island. They make a living by digging and catching manila clamps in the mud flat in which you can participate through a fishing village experimental program.





The road towards Cheukdo Island are surrounded by mud flats. Although the island is connected to Seonjaedo Island when the water returns to the sea as seen in the photo, it usually has crystal clear water so that one can measure the level of the water using the naked eye, hence the name Cheukdo (measurement).





There are many pensions in Cheukdo Island. You can enjoy walking on the vast beach sand, ecological experience in mud flat, or immerse yourself in nature with your loved ones in this island.
It truly is a great place to get away from everyday life and make unforgettable memories.



Yeongheung Bridge that connects Seonjaedo Island

with Yeongheungdo Island





Let us cross Yeongheung Bridge and move on to Yeongheungdo Island!
Established in 2001, Yeongheung Bridge provides convenient access to Yeongheung Island. You can also enjoy a magnificent view of the West Sea while driving on the bridge, which will refresh both your body and soul.






One cannot talk about Yeongheung Bridge without appreciating its night view. It features gorgeous rainbow-like colors in the night, attracting many tourists.



Yeongheungdo Island where Ingneyonggun hid



Ingneyonggun Gi was a royal family member at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty. Knowing the dynasty was going to come to an end, he had changed his name and hid his family on Yeongheungdo Island. After Goryeo Dynasty ended, he avoided death when most of the royal family members were killed. His family remained in the island and that is the story of Yeongheungdo Island.



Janggyeongni Beach







Visit Janggyeongni Beach on Yeongheungdo Island! A vast sand beach is exposed when during low tide, which makes a great place to walk around alone or with your friends. The beach has a forest of pines that are over 100 years old that will provide you a shade to rest.



Simnipo Beach





Let us move to Simnipo Beach! You will see beautiful seashells on the sand and lots of seagulls on the beach. You can feed the seagulls Saewukkang the snack and have fun with them!





One of the fun activities to do at Simnipo Beach is digging for Manila clams, which is especially popular among families with children. Anybody can come and enjoy clam digging at the mud flats and enjoy some seafood noodle soup after the fun activity.



Habitat of Korean hornbeams





Behind the beach is Korea’s one and only habitat of Korean hornbeams that was formed in 1860 to block the strong sea wind. It consists of 300 Korean hornbeam trees that are over 150 years old and provides a folding-screen like background around the beach.







The twisted trees looks like they came out from a fairy tale story! It will be a great playground for many curious kids.



Behind the trees is a spacious parking lot that makes moving camping gear easier. Lots of convenient facilities such as washrooms, shower rooms, and sinks can be found on both sides of the beach. You can also enjoy the fresh air walking between the trees and enjoy wonderful nights camping at the beach.




Seonjaedo Island is where you can experience the sea parting and enjoy the dense forest of pine trees. Did you see that all of these islands in Incheon may look similar but have different charms and attractions? Don’t miss out the unique scenery and the fresh air of which only Seonjaedo Island can offer in Incheon!


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