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Its Autumn, Let's enjoy Fall Foliage

Best Incheon Parks for Picnics

The fall foliage season has returned!

The colorful & beautiful maple leaves doesn't last long

so what's left behind is only some photos of them :(

WHICH makes it more attractive! 

Let's take a look at some beautiful Incheon's FALL FOLIAGE 

   Incheon Grand Park

This popular Incheon Grand Park is a place you MUST NOT MISS!

Walk across the gate to see the lake with the fountain

If you turn left from the lake, there's the Large Fall Foliage Tunnel

Turn right, there's the Small fall Foliage Tunnel!

If you go around the lack, you'll reach the Small Fall Foliage Tunnel.

There's so many reddish maple trees

There are many people riding the park while taking photos of the colorful trees

Try to leave some BEST LEAF PHOTOS from the fall foliage tunnel!

   Sunrise Park

The scent of the cozy autumn is spreading around the Sunrise Park

This place is one of the representative Songdo parks

Smaller than the Central Park,

we recommend this charming park as a nice area to enjoy outgoing!

Ground Fountain is known as a playground for the famous triplets!

Little kids will love it!


Follow the path and you will never want to leave this place full of awesome fall elements!

   Sorae Wetland Ecological Park

The only urban marine ecological park,

Sorea Wetland Ecological Park was once a sand pond,

which turned into a beautiful park

There's an exhibition building at this wetland and its free!

It's opened from 10AM to 6PM

Take the stairs in the front

and there's a small mud flat area for you to enjoy!

If you walk through the path behind the exhibition building 

to the salt observer deck,

there you will see the salt pond in the front and the windmill far away

The mighty windmill filled with autumn color stands high on the field!

Isn't it wonderful?

We recommend this park as the best dating course where you can feel the great nature.

   Jayu Park

Located at Incheon Jung-gu,

Jayu Park is Korea's first modern park in history!

This park changed it's name and positioned itself

 as the representative park in Incheon for a long time

after the statue of General MacAuthor was constructed in 1957

to commemorate the success of Operation Chromite during the Korean War.

You can view the Incheon harbor and the front ocean

from the Ja Yu Park

The Korea-U.S.A. Centennial Monument at Ja Yu Park

After the Treaty of Friendship Commerce and Navigation between ROK and U.S.A.,

both countries constructed the monument 

to maintain consistent trust and cooperation relationship

Visit Ja Yu Park if you travel to Incheon !!

Come to Incheon to enjoy your fall excitement this weekend

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