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Year-end Party Right Here !

Best Unique Accommodations in Incheon Region

Here are some lists of best unique accommodation for those 

who are willing to spend a special year-end season!

Let's take a look!

   Boutique Passe Hotel

Source : Boutique Passe Homepage

Women shopping mall "Nanninggu" president Mr Lee Jeong Min,

founded the Boutique hotel with antique materials 

which he transported directly from U.S.A. and Europe!

It's the best place to take self wedding photos!!

This hotel has a special spa tube imported from America, 

which equipped massage and acupressure that will help alleviating your fatigue 

so it will make you feel lighter!

Boutique Passe also operates furniture showroom.

There are two types of pools; one for adults, while the other one for children.

Free breakfast and bicycle rent service is also available!

Boutique Passe Homepage

   Seonjae 465

Source : Boutique Passe Homepage

Soenjae 465 pension is a modern style concrete structure

consist of 3 multi-story buildings where you can cast a glance at the west ocean !

You can view the Seonjae-do island ocean from every guest rooms in Soenjae 465 pension.

Watching the blue sea and the coastal road while taking a wall pool spa

will be fantastic !

The core of this spot is to see the beautiful sunrise / sunset !

It will leave unforgettable memories if you are with your loved ones !

Seonjae-do 465 Homepage

   Club POC

Source : Club POC Homepage

The point of Club POC is the unique modern style interior 

with black and white color environment !

The hotel has convenient facilities such as large outdoor swimming pool and cafe,

and the external landscape is well-decorate where you can take good photos !!

We recommend here to open a year end party !

Club POC Homepage

   Mumu House

Source : Mumu House Official Homepage

Just like the world from fairy tales 

where the forest and the grass are harmonized with the house,

Mumu house is a popular, natural, unique pension hotel where several kinds of

TV commercials, music videos, magazines, etc are filmed

 Cosy, classical beddings with aroma therapy bath powder, brunch, dessert or tea, 

everything is free ! 

Wedding studio, growth album studio, vintage caravan studio for guests are available

so it will be enough to leave happy memories !

Mumu House Homepage

   Green Mango

Source : Green Mango Homepage

Eco-friendly North European style unique pension 

"Green Mango" !

Besides accommodation,

 interior consulting and council for furniture production orders are available.

In addition, carpentry programs are open so if you're interested in furniture, 

this hotel is strongly recommended !

Green Mango Homepage

   Maeryo 37.5

Source : Instagram : h_j.1810

The hotel was constructed by the hotel keeper who majored architecture 

so the design is considerable concise and modern !

Outdoor Hinoki spa is placed inside the guest room

and the transparent window is fixed on ceiling right above the ceiling

so you can sleep while viewing the night sky !

In addition, free bicycle rent, equipment for mudflat activities, free brunch services will be provided

so let's visit this hotel before new year comes!

Maeryo 37.5 Homepage

Spend the final moment of 2016 at Incheon's unique pensions with your loved ones!

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