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Travel to Incheon!!

Best Incheon Island Tour Courses

There are so many beautiful islands to see when you visit Incheon!

Let's read some reviews of those who've traveled to the islands!!

Let's go!



 Daecheong-do Island

Uncontaminated coastal island,

"Daecheong-do Island" is the only active dune of which preserves the pure nature

and provides habitat for endangered animals :)

At the Daecheong-do Okjuj-ding coastal sand pile,

your will see an interesting scenery of the sandy beach and the sandy plain.

Take off your shoes and walk around the desert :)

You will view the sandy coastline with the trace of the ocean waves at

Nongyeo Coast.

 If you walk from Nongyeo Coast to Mia East Coast , 

you'll find these gigantic soaring rocks in the center of the sand plain.

Because of the flexure, countless vertical lines can be seen on the rocks!!

Daecheong-do Island

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 Socheong-do Island

Only one quarter of the Daecheong-do Island size,

 you should not miss the "Socheong-do Island" when you visit Daecheong-do Island.

The white stones will give spectacular views to travelers.

It feels like there's a snow on the rock!

These white rocks are designated as Korea's natural monument # 508

so you should not miss it!

Another attractive place you have to see beside the white rocks is the "Socheong Lighthouse"

How about taking a around the lighthouse at night with your family, friends or loved ones

to see the magnificent nightscape?

Socheong-do Island

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 Baengnyeong-do Island

Another beautiful Incheon island we want to introduce is

"Baengnyeong-do Island".

 In this island, you will find South Korea's first church

"Zhonghwa-dong Church"

which is also known as the second church 

of the whole Korea Peninsula 

Next to the church is the Baengnyeong Christian History Center,

where you can learn the history of the foundation and the initial missionary of the church! 

Take the ferry boat and you can travel around the island surroundings

Do not miss the chance to view the charming spectacle of the sunset between the

Baengnyeong twin rocks :)

Baengnyeong-do Island has a wonderful Kongdol Coast 

consist of pebbles with outstanding figures which is good for you skins.

In addition, this island is the background of Korea's representative classic novel


Therefore you can find the statue of "Shimcheong" and "Indang-su Water

which she throws herself into the water for his father"

If you love literature, you should visit this island.

Where is it anyway?


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