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Are you a food lover? If you are, you should definitely check out 

Sinpo International Market! 

We're going to introduce the Top 5 Must-Try food here, 

it's so delicious that there's always waiting lines! 

Are you ready?

Let the countdown begin! Scroll down to find out more!!

     1. Gongkalppang 공갈빵

     2. Dakgangjeong (Sweet & Spicy Boneless Chicken) 닭강정

     3. Mandu (Dumplings) 만두 & Jjolmyeon (Spicy Chewy Cold Noodles) 쭐면

     4. Five-Color Dumplings 오색만두

     5. Fish Cake Bar 핫바

Feeling hungry yet?? *stomach growls*

Make a trip to Sinpo International Market in Incheon today! :D


How to get there?

Get off at Dongincheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1),

keep walking through the underground shopping center and finally Exit 24

Walk towards Sinpo Cultural Street and you'll see the entrance to the market! 

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