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Nice Attraction Sites in Incheon

Enjoying Fall Tour at

Incheon Muuido Island

Throw away everything and let's get started with

 a slight adventure to Muuido Island!

Source  : Cheon Gu Cheong

Take the maglev train from Incheon Int'l Airport

and depart to Muuido Island!!

The train is clean and shiny, operated by unmanned system!!

 Source  : Cheon Gu Cheong

Take the ship to Muuido after arriving at the dock :)

How about feeding the hungry seagulls with some biscuits while on board?

※Source : Seong Min La


※Source : Jae Soon Seon  htps://

We're here at Muuido! Heading directly to Hana-gae Seashore!

Hana-gae funfair is famous for the soft sand beach at the west island

Armies for people visit here during peak seasons 

but October atmosphere of the ocean is quite and peaceful!

Source : Seong Min La

Normally after the ebb time, we used to view the wide scene of the mud flat

but this time, we jumped into the mud field

and tried to find small creatures and shells hidden beneath the sticky mud.


※Source : Cheon Gu Jeong

The tractor remodeled into a bus which is used to ride people to the mud flat

is an extraordinary transportation system!

A tractor bus running along the mud flat! Isn't is amazing?


※Source : Cheon Gu Jeong

Hey! We caught small clams this much instantly!

If you want to join this activity, you can apply it!

Ponae Fish Village Activity - Shell Collecting Entrance Fee | 5,000 \

 Entrance Fee + Tractor & Requirements(Gloves, Equipment etc included) | 12,000 \

entrance Fee + Requirement (Tractor NOT included) | 10,000 \ per 1 person

Keep in mind that the tractor won't operate unless there are certain amount of people 

so please contact before reserving.

Source : Seong Jeong Hong

Moreover inside the mud flat, you can view the 

unusual wonderful scenery of the Hana-gae seashore and fantastic cliffs

※Source : Seong Min La

Since there are many steps on the flat, you can easily walk on it without falling inside the mud!

There are many people collecting the clams! ^^


Source : Betul Tinkilic님

After you finished your activities, it's tome for dinner!^^

You must not miss the Spicy Seafood Soup if you visit the ocean!

     Moving to Small Muuido

Source : Patrick Shin :

There's a long bridge connecting the Large Muuido and the Small Muiddo!

Cross the bridge to the Small Muiido 

and you will find some restaurants, cafe and accommodations!


Source : Cheon Gu Jeong

The island has Muui ocean road all around the island so you can track around the entire island 

while viewing the great nature and the blue ocean!


Source : Cheon Gu jeong

Through this trip to Muiido, we felt the 

beauty of the Incheon island once again!

The Hana-gae beachside is not crowded even during the summer season

so we recommend you to visit the beachside at summer!

This Autumn, Muuido is the best place to travel. Let's Go :)



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