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Ganghwado, An Island Waiting for You to Explore!

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If you're looking for options to de-stress
or simply visit a quiet atmosphere with your loved ones,
how about a trip to Ganghwado Island?
Just an hour and a half drive away from Seoul,
and you can get to this beautiful & relaxing,
Ganghwado Island!!! 

     Jeondeungsa Temple

A representative cultural property of Ganghwado Island,
Jeondeungsa Temple boasts the longest history, which is said to 
have been built by the three sons of Dangun, the founder of Korea.

Known as the temple with the strongest 'qi' energy (氣), it is located right at the Manisan Mountain!

Jeondeungsa Temple contains significant architectural works,
 including the main building Daeungbojeon. 

Decorated with delicate carvings, 
it is a superlative example of the architecture of the mid-Joseon Dynasty. 

Jeondeungsa Temple is also known for their Templestay Program
that is available every weekend. 

The program entails learning temple etiquette, performing zen meditation, 
having a dialogue with a monk, and doing chores together.

Visiting Hours

 Daily 05:00 ~ 20:00


 Adults 3000 won, Teenagers 2000 won, Children 1000 won, Free for Elderly

※ Homepage :

     Nammun Restaurant

You can't say you'd been to Ganghwado Island 
if you do not try the regional cuisines here! 

Ganghwado's local specialty includes jeotguk-galbi (salted pork ribs),
which is a combination of salted shrimp and pork ribs infused in meat broth,
adding vegetables and tofu to create a refreshing hot pot!

A flavorful jeotguk-galbi complement with some gingseng red dates makgeolli (rice wine) 
makes a perfect combination! 


As there are many tables both indoors and outdoors at Nammun Restaurant,
you may choose any of these seats of your choice!!
Located right before the entrance of Jeondeungsa Temple, the restaurant not only 
serves delicious food but also offer a great view! 

Did this get you all hungry now? :p

Operating Hours

 Daily 08:00 ~ 20:00

 Menu Price

 Jeotguk-galbi (Large; 4-person serving)  40,000 won / Mushroom Hotpot (Large; 4-person serving) 40,000 won

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     Dongmak Beach

A beach where you can enjoy various tides; 

at low tides, a mudflat is revealed and several organisms can be observed.

This is the only beach at Ganghwado Island.

Restaurants, cafes, accommodations can be found nearby
this is certainly one of the top attractions that you 
should not miss in Ganghwado Island!!

Rows of old pine trees can be found just behind the sandy beach
making it an ideal place to pitch a tent for some outdoor camping!

&& this is highly recommended location to enjoy 

romantic sunsets in the evenings! 


 Large 20,000 won / Medium 15,000 won / Small 10,000 won

Shade Canopy

 10,000 won


 20,000 won


 30,000 won

Inquiries:  +82-32-930-7026

     Cafe Dore Dore

Famous for their rainbow cake, do you know that 
Dore Dore's main branch 
is located in Ganghwado Island!!

Awarded by Incheon Metropolitan City for its unique architecture,
the white tone of the interior and high ceilings
somehow gives an extremely refreshing and pleasant ambiance! 

Don't worry if the cafe seemed to be overcrowded with people when you visit.
Since there are many seats both indoors & outdoors,
just wait for awhile and you may get a seat in moments! :)

The cakes offered at Dore Dore almost live up to their names,
unique, lovely and definitely very worthy for some uploads onto your social media! 
Great place for dating couples too <3

 Operating Hours

 Daily 11:00 ~ 21:30

 Menu Price

 Rainbow Cake 9000 won (for 1 slice)

※ Homepage :

     Green Holiday

If you're into homemade bread or freshly brewed coffee,
this is a place where you can taste food made by 
a chef who had graduated from the prestigious France's Le Cordon Bleu! 


With two levels, including an outdoor terrace
simply pick the the seat of your choice!! (order to be made at Level 1) 

If you do not mind staying outdoors,
enjoy a spectacular view of the mountains in the far background 
at the outdoor terrace in Level 2! 
Highly recommended! :)


Not only do you get to feast on the delicious food, 
you can get a peace of your mind by immersing in this whole healing & soothing
nature environment!! :)

Operating Hours

 Weekdays 11:00 ~ 21:00 / Weekends & Public Holidays 09:00 ~ 21:00

 Menu Price

 Crab Meat Panini 14,000 won / Thank You Berry Pancake 12,500 won

※ Homepage :

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