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Recommended Honeymoon Hotels Near Incheon Airport 

Enjoy a luxurious staycation on Special Days!

1. Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

Luxurious hanok-style hotel, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador  :)

Travel back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea times,

as Gyeongwonjae is equipped with a traditional Korean-style exterior, 

combined with the advantages of modern facilities including 30 luxurious rooms.

The hotel was built by experts in ancient architecture 

so as to incorporate such legacy of the past into the hotel!

Plus, hotel guests may get a beautiful overview of 

Songdo Central Park from their room!

There are Deluxe Rooms, Ondol Rooms, Deluxe Suite & even Royal Suites!

Royal cuisines are also served and auxiliary facilities from Korean restaurants,

to event spaces perfect for baby showers or family gatherings.

Gyeongwonru Pavilion, a resting shelter almost similar to 

Gyeongbokgung Palace's Gyeongheoru Pavilion can also be found. 

A plum blossom tree and hackberry tree with 100 years of history are also planted here,

offering a great walking trail along them!

2. NEST Hotel

A top-notch hotel nearby Incheon International Airport :)

Before the hotel was built, the site was known for its 
spectacular view of naturally grown reeds.
Therefore, the hotel tries to preserve as many reed beds 
as possible when building this hotel.


This is the hotel lobby
Don't you think it's such an elegant minimalistic design? ^^
Nest Hotel prides on its interior design that blends harmoniously with nature.
Room service as well as restaurants are included, 
making eating in or out even more convenient for all!

3. Oakwood Premier Incheon

Oakwood Premier Incheon is also home to
Northeast Asia Trade Tower (NEATT), the economy hub of 
Incheon Free Economic Zone!
With 423 rooms of suite-style residence, 
enjoy a comfortable stay at the top notch service hotel here at Oakwood Premier! 


As the only 6-stars premium service residence in the Songdo International Business District, 
this is the landmark of Songdo city.

Located on the 65th level of the NEATT tower 
is an observatory deck, and it boasts the most spectacular views one can get of the city.

In addition, Oakwood Premier Incheon also boasts on its strategic
location as it is located only about 20-min drive from Incheon
International Airport!

4. Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel

Located in the center of Incheon Free Economic Zone in Songdo,
Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel is not only the perfect destination for
business travelers, but for anyone who wish to enjoy a variety of 
cultural and leisure all in one place! 


Besides located close to Incheon International Airport, as well as the Seoul Metropolitan Areas, it is also conveniently in close proximity to the Songdo Convensia,
the location where international businesses and conferences are often held. 


Enjoy the best facilities recognized both domestic and internationally, 
along with the nightscape of the world's 7th longest bridge "Incheondaegyo Bridge'' 
as well as Songdo's very own 'Central Park' all at once at, 
Sheraton Incheon Hotel today!

5. Grand Hyatt Incheon

Just 3 minutes drive from Incheon International Airport, 
Grand Hyatt Incheon is also close to downtown Seoul, 
Songdo International Business District and the Incheon Free Economic Zone, 
making it the ideal base for both leisure and business travellers! 

With the world’s second maglev, it became much easier to access 
to Incheon International Airport and local attractions near the hotel, 
such as Eurwangni Beach and Muui Island! 

There are 1,022 well-appointed rooms, suites and residences, 
and Grand Hyatt Incheon offers a pleasant blend of Western and 
Korean traditions! 


Also, guests can get to savour a unique dining experience featuring 
8 distinctive restaurants in one! 
Or you may even choose to indulge in a buffet of Western and Eastern comfort food at 
The Grand Cafe. 


Enjoy a variety of entertainment and recreational activities including
Paradise Casino Incheon, Club Olympus fitness centre, wildflower gardens
roof-top indoor pools and even the children’s pool and outdoor playground!

Don't you feel like staying at one of these hotels too? XD

Stay tune to more exciting updates from us!!

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