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Fall Foliage Places in Incheon 

Incheon Fall Foliage Travel | Best Recommendations

Hesitating and wonder where to travel to this fall season? 

Grab your chance and don't miss out this amazing season to catch 

beautiful scenes of Korea's fall foliage! 

Scroll down to find out more on the places for fall foliage travel in Incheon!

Yes, they're really the best recommendations! :)

1. Beautiful shades of red, orange & yellow; Incheon Grand Park

The most representative &  famous place in Incheon for Fall Foliage is

none other than the Incheon Grand Park!! :)

As shown in the image above,

this is the most popular spot for photo taking!

@Photo by. Rufus Azarya

Incheon Grand Park's Fall Foliage Tunnel is

made up of both cherry & zelkova trees.

Zelkova trees are tall and are appreciated autumn season

Cherry trees are slightly shorter, but gives a variety of fall foliage all together!

Gwanmosan Mt. in Incheon Grand Park, connected via Sangasan Mt. hiking trail 

also makes it a great leisure trail for all  :)

If you'd like to experience true autumn in Korea, Incheon Grand Park is highly recommended! 

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2. Cherry blossoms in Spring, Fall foliage in Fall; Incheon Jayu Park

Incheon Jayu Park is the first western-style park 

with a touch of modern Korean history. 

Though it is more famous for cherry blossoms in Spring season,

walk for about 30-min into the dense forest area

and you can experience the fall foliage beauty during Autumn season!

Jayu Park is also the filming location of the movie featured protagonist Liam Neeson,

where the actual bronze statue of General MacArthur featured in the Korean movie 

<Operation Chromite> can be found here.

Talk a walk through the colorful autumnal leaves 

that contains full view of coastal Incheon this season.

Visitors may also find an arched gate in the Jayu Park,

and it was designated Incheon's Cultural Property No. 49 on December 23, 2002. 

The top of the arched gate was built to resemble the shape of a rainbow.

Since the gate is narrow,  two vehicles may not intersect or pass through this gate simultaneously.

For that, if one car is entering when the other is exiting, one of them would have 

to reverse in order to allow one to pass first. 

However, there are no actual restrictions to people bypassing the gate :)

Go up onto the arched gate and you may get a view of Incheon Port,

while the back view from the gate grants you a view of the entire Dongincheon Station.

This is definitely another beauty point not to miss! 

3. Enjoy ocean view and fall foliage altogether; Somuuido Island

The  Muui Badanuri-gil offered in Somuuido Island

is a dulle-gil trekking course

that is famous for the both ocean views you may get while trekking.

Beautiful trekking trails that are perfect for the autumn season.


A magnificent ocean view is just by the trekking course. 

Topping off with the season's beautiful fall foliage would complete the whole picture.

Do look forward to the wonderful beauty of fall foliage that you can get

right here at Somuuido Island~!

4. Rich in both history and culture; Ganghwado Island

If you're at Ganghwado Island, don't forget to check out the

Ganghwa Story Tour! 

※ More information can be found on the Ganghwa Story Tour Homepage :


Yongheunggung is a typical residence that you may find back in the Joseon dynasty period.

Without knowing fate, this is the house that stayed a loving couple of a farmer's daughter.

Don't you think it just feels so surreal by the look of it?

      Ganghwa  Anglican Catholic Church

Autumn shades of the fall foliage can be seen surrounding,

and many locals also enjoy riding a bicycle from the entrance of this church to its 

nearby sightseeing attractions. 

With an invited Bishop, the Ganghwa Anglican Catholic Church was constructed in 1900.

Though the entire architecture of the church was built to resemble that of

a traditional Korean architecture, 

the interior  followed that of a western Basilica-style furnishing, 

creating an amazing harmonious blend of western and Korean catholic church.

     Jeondeungsa Temple

Jeongdeungsa Temple is the biggest temple in Ganghwado Island. 

With over 1,600 years of history, this is the must-go place to experience the rich history of the island at once.

During the reign of King Sosurim of Goguryeo dynasty, 

the Jeondeungsa Temple was built and combined three major Buddhist temples into one, 

and is one of the few standing temples that was preserved as it is 

even with multiple foreign invasions in the past.

    Goryeogungji Palace Site

Goryeogung Palace Site on Ganghwado Island is the site of the royal palace where the people of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) resisted the Mongolian invasion for 39 years. 

In 1232, King Gojong moved his capital to Ganghwado Island because of the abundant natural and strategic advantages.

Upon the conclusion of the peace treaty with Mongolian forces , 

the capital was moved back to Gaeseong, and the royal palace in Ganghwado Island was subsequently destroyed. 

Nowadays, the only structures that remain are the Dongheon main office

and Ibangcheong administration office.

※ Ganghwa Ndaeul-gil Homepage :

This autumn, create unforgettable memories 

by visiting these beautiful fall foliage palace

with your loved ones!!

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