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★MEIN Supporters 2nd Field Trip Review★

How to Enjoy Incheon Island

Incheon Travel |  Kyodong-do, Seokmo-do

Last Saturday!

Incheon Tour MEIN Supporters went on a 2nd field trip

The weather was boiling hot, but thanks to the diverse activities,

 the travel was amazing! 

Let's take a look! 


Kyodong-do is a small island located at Ganghwa-gun, Incheon

However, unlike it's size, this tiny island carries a huge significance!

Kyodong-do Tour was conducted by the representative of Daewa Craft "Kim Yeong Ae", who received her masters degree in America and returned to her hometown to support Kyodong-do culture explanation and experience activity.

You can take a closer look at North Korea in Kyodong-do than Baekryong-do, an island located at the northernmost part of South Korea. There are many displaced elders residing in Kyodong-do who evacuated from North Korea during the Korean War.

You can also learn more about the symbolic meaning of Kyodong-do's geological significance, peace and unification.

1. Natural Dyeing 

After listening to the story of Kyodong-do, supporters began the Natural Dyeing Activity.

All you need to do is just fold the handkerchief, secure it with the rubber band and color!

If you dye it with the marigold called "Gumjanhwa", it turns yellow while with the JJeok water, it turns into blue color.

The color of the dyed handkerchief colored at Kyodong-do contains it's own significance.

Yellow represents "land", blue as "ocean and sky". Combine these two colors and it means "willing of Peace".

Kyodong-do itself means "Island of Peace"

2. Thistle Bibimbab table

The lunch was Thistle Bibimbab table!!

There were tons of delicious side dishes with the main menu!

Vegetables used to make this delightful food were directly grown and collected in Kyodong-do.

It sure is a table full of fresh nature!

3. Daeryong Market

Kyodong-do's final course was Daeryong Market!

Supporters experienced time-travelling after they entered this place. The environment of the rural market was like as if it was in 1960s~70s we see in films. There's also a miserable history left behind in this place. 

The assistant who helped us dyeing our handkerchief offered a cup of tea at the Bitgoun reception room.


Refugees hoped awaited to return to their homelands after the war. And now, displaced elders are still waiting in the same village for centuries to go back home, just waiting for the unification.

Appeared at "1박2일" TV program, a renown elder "Ji Gwang Sik" told us a story of that period.

He suffered from war, division, separation and evacuated to the South and know, he became a famous barber.

It was a moment to feel more about the history of Kyodong-do.

Wall paintings around the village were also very impressive.

There are wall paintings here and there in the village and if you look at these pieces, you can feel something "old" and "sadness"

  Inquiry about Culture Explanation and Activities

- Daewa Folk Craft : Rep. Kim Young Ae (English possible)

- Address : 54, Daeryongan-gil, Gyodong-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, Korea

- Contact : 032-933-6538

- Online :    




After our trip to Kyodong-do, MEIN Supporters moved to Seokmo-do.

Unlike Kyodong-do which is connected by the bridge, they had to take the ferry boat at the dock to reach there.

1. ATV Bike

After arriving at Seokmo-do, they headed to the ATV Experience Center.

Located close to the Bomunsa entrance, ATV Experience Center Funny Land is a customized course for your unique island trip where you can enjoy various rides like the Segway and Minicar with your family and friends.


2. Bomunsa Temple

After the spectacular ride on the bike, they moved to the final course, Bomunsa Temple.

It was a scorching day but viewing the ocean scene at dawn on the hill of the temple was so beautiful. 

3. Oe-po Sashimi

To wrap up the field trip, the supporters found a nice sashimi restaurant after leaving Bomunsa Temple.

There are several frsh sashimi restaurants near the Oe-pori dock where they departed from Ganghwa-do to Seokmo-do.

Among the restaurants, MEIN Supporter chosen "Seoul Hwetjib(서울 횟집)"

The taste of the fresh chewy slice of sashimi with some seafood cheered up every supporters on their harsh field trip that day. 

After the fantastic adventure, eating this fresh seafood while watching the sunset was an unforgettable moment! 

How was the review of the 

2nd field trip to Incheon Island

 with MEIN Supporters?

It was a great travel that everyone had a good time and came closer with each other 

Expect the next field trip review!!!

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