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Lists of Songdo Tour Courses

2D1N Romantic Songdo Tour

Songdo Tour Incheon 2D1N

Many people are outgoing here and there in Korea

before it gets colder


For today's posting, we will recommend

some romantic Songdo tour courses for families and couples

based on the real experience


   Songdo Central Park

Red foliage everywhere at the streets,

you will enjoy the cozy autumn while walking around Songdo parks

Not only family bicycles,

but there are variety kind of outdoor activities in this park!

Among those activities, we took the family boat

and rowed across the river while feeling the fresh autumn air

The "Island of Couples" is only accessible through these family boats

Even the small island full of cute bunnies!

Finally, don't forget to take photos at the deer farm right behind the rabbit island!

   Dalkom Coffee (Sweet Coffee)

A popular cafe known as one the the filming studio of the recent 2016 Best drama

"Descendants of the Sun"

Two main characters (2 Songs) of the drama

 shared both HOT love and separation at this cafe!

"This spot is where the couple sat marimnida (A representative buzzword from the drama)! 

The cafe also displays small, cute souvenirs and items

related to the drama

<No info in Google Map>

   G-Tower Observatory

The IFEZ Public Relations Hall is located at the 33rd floor of G-Tower

and you can view Songdo in all directions here!

In addition you can also experience unique media exhibitions!

An opened landscape makes the viewer feel lighter and liberated!

Able to see the whole Songdo at the observatory of G-Tower

is the best attractive point!

If you visit G-Tower at weekdays, there's the Sky Park at the 29th floor,

which operates from 10am to 7pm

so take a look if you arrive 

   Canal Walk

Canal Walk is a fascinating European-style street

consist of fashion stores and restaurants.

Located close to the Central Park,

 this street is the best place to travel and date!

There are 4 different avenues;

 Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

So many people and couple walking along the street!

There's a restaurant called "Asia Moon"

which provides Asia noodles from 

each Asia countries(Thailand, Vietnam, China, etc).

Imagine you can taste them all that this place!

Nothing to complain about the outstanding atmosphere,

even the price is very splendid so those who love

Asian noodles are highly recommended to visit this restaurant!

While returning to the hotel. the nightview of Central Park was spectacular!

This park surely is beautiful in both day time and night time!

   Oakwood Premier Incheon

See the tall, shining building over there?

That's the symbol of Songdo

called "Oakwood Premier Incheon Hotel"

The guest rooms are cozy and wide!

Moreover, there's the cooking facility in each room

so visitors are able to cook what they want!

How's the 54th floor Ocean-view?

Magnificent scenery which you will never forget will be in front of your naked eyes!

Views from both day times and night times are brilliant!

Oh, there's one thing you should know!

Oakwood Premier Incheon's signature bar <Paronamic 65>

which opened last June, is located at the top of the highest building in Songdo

North East Asia Trade Tower,

so visitors can view the whole Songdo city at one sight so

it's the best place to propose to your loved one's

Wrap up your day with a cup of cocktail with romance !

We ate the breakfast on the following day

Simple breakfast is prepared at the restaurant.

Eating while enjoying the external scenery

doubles your appetite !

   Hyundai Premium Outlet

Songdo Premium Outlet is connected with Techno Park Station

so you can reach there by subway

At the basement floor

there's a huge food court with the famous

"Samsong Bakery"

Not only restaurants, but also

 shopping, activities, it sure is a hot place to visit!

   Incheon University Campus

Remember the legendary drama

'A man from another star'?

This campus is the filming studio

so Chinese tourists will never exclude this place

from their itinerary!


The coastal deck located behind the campus 

is the best place to walk around!

Campus romance with the scenery of the urban ocean,

what word can it be replaced rather than

"Romantic Tour"?

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