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Finding Incheon's Beautiful Nighttime

Introducing Incheon Nightscape Attractions

   Songdo Central Park

Source : Jonathan Lee

This gigantic 'Tribowl' can be seen at Central Park Station (Incheon Line #1)

You will never imagine how beautiful the lights of the Tribowl shine

during the Magic Hour after the sunset!

Source : Jeong Choi

Central Park's daytime and nightime have totally different feelings 

The fantastic nightscape reflected from the river lures people to walk around the park!

It sure is a best place to stroll around!

Source : Jonathan Lee 

Hanok (Korean Traditional Architecture) Village is traditional, yet with exotic surroundings,

this special village boasts it's night scene just as Hong Kong & Singapore!

Source : Gu Mi Lee

While walking around the park, it's a splendid choice to stay at Gyeongwon-jae Hotel for a night.

It will give you excellent memories!

Until October 30th, the Central Park grass square opens 

'Incheon Songdo Light Festival'

where you can take photos of the dazzling LED roses!

   Songdo Canal Walk (NC Cube)

The combination of 'Canel' & 'Walk'커낼(Canal : 수로),

Canal Walk is a sophisticated shopping street with European style buidings on both sides 

and a long clean waterway at the center!

With 4 different theme; Shopping, Culture, Food, Resting

there are four avenues in a row and it's the best place for dating! 

   Cheongna International City

Cheongna International City consists of Incheon Free Economy Zone(IFEZ)

along with Songdo and Yeongjeong-do

The place is developing as the center of international business and leisure 

positioned as the main coast city to connect Yeongjeong and Seoul!

The fountain of the Cheongna Lake Park is well decorated

so bring your family, loved ones or friends to enjoy walking around the park!

   Wolmido Park

Wolmido is known for its Theme Park!

The park becomes more wonderful if the sky turns dark. 

This amusement park indeed is a best dating spot!

You better not miss the 'Disco Pang Pang' & 'Viking".

Those surely are thrilling rides but it's also exciting to watch them!

You must also view the magnificent Wolmi Moonlight Music Fountain

located at Wolmido Culture Street!

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