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Incheon Travel | Best Incheon Unique Pensions


This autumn, for those who are planning to travel Incheon,

 we like to recommend some SPECIAL Incheon unique pensions

Let's check it out!

 Romantica Pension

Source : parkhyelim1110

'Romantica Pension' located at Ganghwa-do

is the place where you can feel the exotic mood of the Mediterranean Ocean!

Source : hyungjin_85_

Incheon Ganghwa-do Romantica Pension, 

where you can lie down on the garden to see the autumn night sky,

makes you feel like you're traveling Europe :)

We recommend this ROMANTIC pension to you XD

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Homepage Link [Romantica Pension]

* Location : 918-2, Heung-wang-ri, Hwado-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, Korea


 Mani Mountain, Dongmak Beach Mud Flat Activity, Jeondeung-sa Temple

 Jeongi-hak Pension

 Source : the_sullem님

An amazing theme pension located at Seonjae-do island,

Jeongi-hak (which means paper crane) pension 

gives the feeling that you are inside the fairy tale!

Source : the_sullem님

This fantastic place is where you can take a rest 

while view the beautiful ocean in front of the pension! :)

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*Location : Seongjae-ri, Yeongheung-meon, Ungjin-gun, Incheon Korea


 Mokseom Island, Marine Product Market, Dumuri 

 Maeryo 37.5 Pension

 Source : h_j.1810님

This attractive, multi-store Maeryo37.5 Pension

is located at Sindo Island so you need to take the ship!

출처 : h_j.1810님

The ceiling of the pension is widely opened 

so you can fall asleep while appreciating the autumn sky :)

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Location : 761, Sindo-ro, Bukdo-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon, Korea


 Chogak Park, Sugi Beach (Drama 'Fullhouse' studio), Studio of drama 'Sulpunyeonga 

 Damdam-gak(淡淡閣)  Hanok Stay

Source : Hanok Stay Homepage

Elegant and classy Damdam-gak Hanok has a wide garden

so you can take a comfortable rest

Source : Hanok Stay Homepage

Do you want to experience the harmony of past and present at the same place?

Here's a method! Visit Hanok Stay Damdam-gak!

We recommend this special Hanok to all visitors XD

Location: 14-29, Goryeosan-ro 285beon-gil, Hajeom-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, Korea


 Baekryeon-sa Temple, Ganghwa History Museum, Ganghwa Goindol ruins, Sinson Fishing  zone

 Namchidang(攬翠堂) Hanok Stay

출처: 한옥스테이 홈페이지

Namchidang is an eco-friendly Hanok pension constructed with the traditional wooden technique

The fresh air can REFRESH your brain that will make you feel lighter  :)

출처: 한옥스테이 홈페이지

There are so many attraction sites to see around the pension,

experience variety kind of activities,

so we guarantee you will leave unforgettable memories in this special pension :-)

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Homepage Link [Namchidang Hanok Stay]

* Location : 1066 Road, Haean Namro, Hwado-meon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, Korea

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