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Make your wish! Incheon Sunset Attractives

Incheon Healing Tour with Sunrise / Sunset

Incheon Tour Best Places to view Sunet

Another new year is coming up already!

Just few more days and adieu 2016 !

Time really flies, 

hope there's good fortune waiting for us in 2017 ~

Since the final moment of 2016 is right in front of us,

we will introduce some best spots to view the final sunset of the year

Let's visit the closest ocean from the metropolitan zone !!

   Sorae Ecology Park

Our first stop is Sorae Ecology Park, well-known area for sunrise!

Prior to the sunrise, the area is covered with dense fog, creating a spectacular dreamlike scenery

which cannot be seen at other places.

The only one ecology park located at Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong,gu, Incheon !!

The park consists of variety kind of activities including

Ecology exhibition, Eco experience center, Salt pond, Mudflat, Eco bird observatory

for you to enjoy!

The first salt pond in Korea was constructed in this vast area 

which was active in producing sea salt.

There are two ebb times per day, 

revealing the mudflat to create the most suitable ecologic environment 

for halophytes and small creatures to inhabit !

Let's relax while enjoying not only the sunset but also

indoor/outdoor activities and walk around the road 

which will set your heart at rest !!!

   Geojam Port

The representative spot for viewing West sunrise !

This port is extremely famous because of the geographic characteristic, 

which allows viewers to enjoy both sunrise and sunset!

Geojam-po is located close to Yeongjong-do and Yongyu-do

so you can visit other nearby tourism sites

after appreciating the wonderful fun !

   Incheon Bridge 

Coming up next, Incheon Bridge !

Another best place to enjoy sunset!

Incheon Bridge is the longest bridge in Korea 

which connects Incheon International Airport and Yeongjeong-do island ~

Thanks to the airport, you can view the sunset

and the airplane at the same time ~

Incheon Bridge observatory called Ocean Scope 

is where you can see all day view and night view of the bridge 

Incheon Bridge is known for it's magnificent nightscape !

Don't only observe the sunset, why don't you take a look

 at the sparkling lights shining Korea's longest bridge

through the Ocean Scope??

   Wolmi-do Island

The final destination of the best sunset spot in Incheon

is Wolmi-do Island 

Wolmi-do Culture Street and the theme park,

besides viewing the sun, there's lots of stuffs to do at this island!

Wolmi-do Culture Street and the theme park,

besides viewing the sun, there's lots of stuffs to do at this island!

Let's alleviate our stress 

through the rides at the Wolmi theme park!


Sorae Ecology Park, Incheon Bridge Observatory, Wolmi-do island,

the more you learn, the more you get tempted by these attractions!

This is the end of Incheon Healing Tour with Sunrise / Sunset posting! 

We'll see you again with better news!

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