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Recommended Shopping Places in Incheon

For those who are wondering where 

are some of the great shopping places in Incheon,

this is an article just for you!  :)

Plus, these are great spots to do some shopping for this summer!! 

     Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall itself has about 1400 shops!

The Goto Mall (Gangnam Underground Shopping) has about 400 shops,

and so you can say this is 3 TIMES the stores here 

to let you shop till you drop! 

Accessories, shoes, clothes, mobile phone, cosmetics, etc.

the prices are relatively reasonable, making it a

 great place for an all-day shopping! :)

Connected via Bupyeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) 

 this shopping mall can be easily found as you get off the train! ^^

     SQUARE 1

Operating Hours:

Square 1 

 10:30AM - 22:00PM


8:00AM - 25:00PM (Peak)

09:00AM - 24:00PM (Non-Peak)

 Home Plus

 09:00AM - 12:00PM

(Closed on every 2nd & 4th Sundays)

 Hospital (Best Medical)

 10:30AM - 08:00PM

 Convenience Store

 07:00AM - 01:00AM

Huge Complex Shopping Mall - Square 1

is where one can 

See, Feel, Eat, Enjoy and Experience

all-in-one multi-complex!!

Fashion boutiques, delicious restaurants,

movie theater, and even a large-scale supermarket (HomePlus)! 

Besides, variety of exhibitions & performances are also available,

therefore it is advised for you to check the homepage

prior to visiting to enjoy these shows!

※ Please refer to official homepage for more information.


    Incheon LF Square (Yeonsu Branch)

※ Photo Credits: Incheon LF Square (Yeonsu Branch) Official Blog 

Incheon LF SQUARE (Yeonsu Branch) has 4 levels above ground 

also known as the Lifestyle Outlet :)

Located in Yeonsu-gu, unisex fashion boutiques

from a variety of fashion brands can be found here! 

Presently, about 90 famous brands can be found

right here in this shopping mall!

There is also a roof-top garden with a large 900-pyeong scale 

and serves as a resting area for all visitors too!

 Please refer to official homepage for more information.

    Incheon Airport Duty Free Shops

It's never too sad to depart Korea, all because of the

Incheon Airport Duty Free Shops! :)

If you'd like to enjoy some early shopping before departing,

it is best advised for you to search for your desired brands prior to visit!

The duty free shops can be divided into two big companies - Lotte and Shilla Duty Free Shops 

Operating hours for luxury shopping areas

is from 7:00AM - 21:30PM!

However, this may vary according to brands,

so it is best for you to check before visiting!

In particular,  souvenir shopping areas 

usually operates 6:30AM - 21:00PM 

about 30 minutes earlier than luxury shopping areas!!

 Please refer to official homepage for more information.

- Lotte Duty Free:

- Shilla Duty Free:

Lotte Factory Outlet

Operating Hours:


11:00AM - 20:30PM 


11:00AM - 21:30PM 

From Level 1 to 6,  the Lotte Factory Outlet

has tons of things to see and eat! :)

Plus, there is even a gym, screen golfing practice area!!

For those driving, parking is available at Level 4!

There are several famous tourist attractions located nearby this outlet and it includes

 Wolmi Park, Chinatown, Sinpo International Market

and many more!

 Please refer to official homepage for more information.

    NC Canal Walk

Operating Hours:  10:30AM - 10:00PM

With an European-style Street Mall concept,  

visitors can enjoy resting around the man-made river stream 

in the middle of Canal Walk, and satisfy shopping needs altogether!

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Total of 4 themed buildings are operating at the Canal Walk!

You may also spot unique and artistic sculptures around,

creating a beautiful and magnificent atmosphere all in one place.

 Please refer to official homepage for more information.


    Hyundai Premium Outlet 

Once you enter Songo city in Incheon,

you will be greeted by this huge complex shopping mall 

that has 3 underground to 3 above-ground levels!

The first large-scale complex shopping mall in the city,

Hyundai Premium Outlet (Songdo Branch)!

Shops and hands-on programs suited for families with children are offered, 

about 300 brands have currently entered and set up their stores here! ^^

Hyundai Premium Outlet (Songdo Branch) is easily accessible via 

 Techno Park Station (Incheon1 Line), and Exit 2

How easy is that? :D

 Please refer to official homepage for more information.


Simply so many great shopping places in Incheon! 

Now you'd know where to go shopping for summer clothes? :)


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