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Asiana Airline Special Event

Fly with Asiana Airline and Stopover at Incheon

to enjoy great benefits !

- Event 1. Fly with Asiana Airlines and get a discount on Incheon All-Inclusive Stopover Package!

ㆍAsiana Airlines - Stopover at Incheon at a discount!

Discount on Incheon stopover flight ticket

▶ Book Asiana Airlines :

ㆍIncheon All-inclusive Stopover Package - Great deal package including city tour in Korea and 5 types of benefits!

Incheon All-Inclusive Stopover Package from $59→$44/person

($15 discount / only for first 100 persons)

* Hotel+City Tour+Transportation+Airport Lounge+Shopping (worth over $140~)

▶ Book Incheon Stopover Package :

- Event 2. Share this event on Facebook, and get a hotel meal voucher!

ㆍBook an Asiana Airlines flight and the Incheon stopover package, and share this event on Facebook!

(please include tags #DiscoverIncheon, #IncheonStopover, #IncheonTransit, #KoreaStopover in your posting)

ㆍGo to the link below and submit the shared link. Winners will be selected from drawings and be presented with hotel meal vouchers! (30 persons) 

(A hotel meal voucher will be sent to the email you submitted)

▶ Submit the shared link :

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