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Celebrating Incheon City Tour Bus <10,000 Passengers> Event !!

Annual Unlimited Ticket for 10,000\

(Enjoy UNLIMITED City Tour Bus for a YEAR)

 INCHEON CITY TOUR BUS exceeding 10,000 passengers!! 

Initiated June this year,

Incheon City Tour Bus achieved an outstanding result within a short period of time!

Incheon Tourism Organization(ITO) is proud to present


to thank Incheon visitors

who helped vitalize the City Tour!

<Incheon City Tour Bus>




Starting from Nov.11 to Dec.31 2016

ITO will begin

SPECIAL City Tour Bus Free Pass


If you purchase the City Tour Bus ticket within the event period (just10,000\),

you can take the City Tour Bus WHENEVER YOU WANT until Oct. 31 2017 !

In one word, UNLIMITED RIDE!

<Incheon City Tour Bus Route>

The tickets will be sold at the Incheon Tourist Information Center

located at both Incheon Station Tourism Center & Central Park!

Moreover, affiliated tourist attractions such as  

hotels, restaurants and art theatres

will offer you discounted prices if you have city tour ticket.

<Incheon Citytour Free Pass : Ticket Image> 


<Incheon City Tour 5+1 Event>

Currently there are numerous events going on

to promote the City Tour Bus

and so far,

more than 8,500,000 people participated in these events!

<Central Park-One of the Destinations>

To check out more information about the City Tour Bus,

please visit the main website!

You can learn more about the details of the destinations

as well as the bus service and departure time!

Only 10,000\ and you will be guaranteed to take the bus

and wander around Incheon freely!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to make Incheon

a part of your life! 

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