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Incheon Fall Island

Enjoying Wolmi-do Island & Outskirts

"Wolmi-do Island" is a popular Incheon tourism destination

to all generations!!

Shall we travel together to Wolmi-do Island and the outskirts,

where you can create memories, taste some delicious foods,

and even experience traditional activities?


 Wolmi Cultural Center

Not only you can view Korea's traditional culture exhibition at the Wolmi Cultural Center,

but you can also experience direct activities such as

wearing traditional cloths or performing traditional wedding ceremony :)

Therefore this center is a must-see place for all foreign visitors.

 Wolmi Park

Wolmi Park preserves both ecosystem and history of Incheon.

A good place to walk around with your family, loved ones and friends^^

 Wolmi Theme Park

Let's take a ride of these machines from our old memories at Wolmi Theme Park.

This park is right next to the seaside where you can view the refreshing ocean!

Remember don't miss the place called "Tancheon Shooting Range"

located near the park where the best drama of this year "Descendants of the Sun" was filmed!

In addition, viewing the fantastic Wolmi Moonlight Music Fountain

operating from 1PM to 12:20 PM is highly recommended to all visitors!

The harmony of the lights and the music will definitely present a magnificent scenery.

Now let's learn about some attractive places around 

Wolmi-do Island

 Open Port

You can view a wide range of  modern architectures which is restored and transformed into

a cafe street comprised of wooden buildings at Open Port !

 Chinatown - Gonghwa-chun

Chinatown has a Jjajangmyeon Museum called 'Gonghwa-chun'

It's will be a nice decision to visit here to learn about the birth of the

noodles with black soybean sauce! ^^

Operation Time : 9AM ~ 18PM (Open all year)

* Fee 




 Military / Officials

 Children (Age7~12)






 Group (Over 20)





 Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

Emerging as a popular tourism site,

there is the "Fairy Tale Village" at Songwol-dong, located close to Wolmi-do!

It  feels like you've been invited to the fantasy world!

There's many photo spots for you to click the shutters :)

 So many stuffs to enjoy at Wolmi-do Island and its outskirts, right?

How about visiting this island before it gets too cold^^?


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