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Incheon City Tour JACKPOT is Here!

Incheon City Tour Events with 18 Benefits

Initiated from June this year,

Incheon City Tour Bus achieved an outstanding result within a short period of time!

Incheon Tourism Organization(ITO) is proud to present


to thank Incheon visitors

who helped vitalize the City Tour!


Annual Free Pass for only 10,000\ !!

But one and use it for 1 year without limitations !

You should hurry and purchase these special tickets

because they are in "LIMITED" sale !!

 INCHEON CITY TOUR BUS  5+1 Ticket Event 

 In addition, Incheon City Tour

will provide one free ticket to any visitors 

who collect 5 City Tour Tickets.

Buy five, get one FREE~!

While these events are waiting for your participation,

Incheon City Tour also prepared something REALLY special

to welcome every visitors !

Take a look Below! 

Behold the "Incheon City Tour Partnership Discount Service" :)

If you possess the free pass on the day you take the City Tour,

you'll be privileged to enjoy 18 tour services including

Accommodation, Leisure, Culture, Shopping, Food&drink, etc



1. Songdo Central Park Hotel

First up, you can get a special discount at 

Songdo's largest scale hotel 

"Songdo Central Park Hotel"

Visitors who possess the bus ticket that day

will received 60% D/C for guest room / 30% D/C for breakfast

* Get off the bus at Central Park Bus Stop [#7] *

2. Gyeongwon-jae Ambassador Hotel 

The best place to feel the beauty of Korea in Incheon

Korea's first Hanok (Korean Traditional Building) Hotel

"Gyeongwon-jae" Hotel

provides One cup of FREE aperitif per person only to guests

who order Korean Restaurant's "Sura" Lunch

or Dinner course menu

* Get off the bus at Central Park Bus Stop [#7] *

3. Gyeongwon-jae Ambassador Hotel 

Located at the center of Incheon Economic Free Zone,

visitors will receive 10% D/C on


at Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel restaurant!

( About the restaurant, view : )

* Get off the bus at Convensia Bus Stop [#6] *

4. Paradise Hotel Incheon  

A magnificent hotel with over 40 years of history.

50% Off-price for guest rooms while 10% Discount for beverages

at Paradise Hotel

* Get off the bus at Incheon Station Bus Stop [#1] *

5. Harbor Park Hotel  

  Guests can view the beautiful ocean and Chinatown at Harbor Park Hotel !

50% off the original price for guest rooms

and 10% discount for drinks 

* Get off the bus at Harbor Park Bus Stop [#2] *

6. Holiday Inn Hotel

A hotel where the "Triplets" ate for dinner !

Enjoy your meal with 10% discount service

at Incheon Songdo restaurant "Surachae Dining"

* Get off the bus at Central Park Bus Stop [#7] *


1. Cafe & Velo D'orsay (VME Korea)

D'orsay Cafe provides air wheels service

for 40% off-price at weekdays and 20% off at weekends ^^

* Get off the bus at Convensia Bus Stop [#6] *

2. Wolmido Cruise(Corp) - Wolmi Ferry Boat 

Enjoying the ocean view outside the deck or

listening to performances while eating inside the boat,

the Wolmi ferry boat will be exciting if it's with City Tour !

That's because 3,000\ will be reduced if you take the Venus Ferry that day !

Adult 16,000\ ▶ 13,000\

Children 10,000\ ▶ 7,000\

* Get off the bus at Wolmi Culture Street Bus Stop [#11] *

3. Songdo Komarine West Boat House - Water Taxi 

Ride around the Central Park with this giant water taxi !

The tickets will be 25% off the original cost !

Adult 4,000\ ▶ 3,000\

Children 2,000\ ▶ 1,500\

* Get off the bus at Central Park Bus Stop [#7] *

4. Wolmi Theme Park - Free Pass



Not only the ferry boat, but also Wolmi Theme Park?

Join the City Tour bus and you'll have the advantage to

purchase the FREE PASS ticket for 30% discount price XD

( until Feb.28th 2017 / Only usable at weekends and holidays )

* Get off the bus at Wolmi Culture Street Bus Stop [#11] *


1. Incheon Wolmi Dalbitmaru Cafe

Located at 3rd floor of the Wolmi Observatory,

all foods / drinks are on sale for 10% off

at Dalbitmaru Cafe

* Get off the bus at Wolmi Street Bus Stop [#10] *

2. Dal.komm Coffee

The filming studio for 2016 Korea's hot drama

"Descendants of the Sun"

Visitors possessing the City Tour ticket on the travelling date

can enjoy the drama's MD product with 20% off the original price ^^

* Get off the bus at Convensia Bus Stop [#6] *

3. Songdo Premium Lounge

Services available at Songdo Premium Lounge :

Americano 1,000\ D/C ( 3,500\ ▶ 2,500\ )

Travel Center Baggage Service 10% Off-price !!

* Get off the bus at Convensia Bus Stop [#6] 

4. Chinatown Sinseoung Banjeom

With City Tour you will have the chance to taste the

Chinese food at Chinatown Sinseong Banjeom

with the discount price

All menus are ON SALE for 10% D/C

Group reservation available at weekdays ^^

* Get off the bus at Incheon Station Bus Stop [#1] 

5. Sundelli Songgang-jeong Pavilion Sunset Cafe / Food Court

Don't miss the advantage of 10% Discount on weekdays at


Songgang-jeong Pavilion Sunset Cafe / Food Court

* Get off the bus at Convensia Bus Stop [#6] *

Inside the Central Park Boat House



Follow the canal and explore the spectacular shopping street !

NC CUBE is Songdo's beautiful haven


5% Discount for all NC Cube fashion stores !

* Get off the bus at G-Tower Bus Stop [#3] *

2. Hyundai Premium Outlet

From B3 to F3, this 6-floor Cultural Shopping Complex called

Songdo Premium Outlet,

is also included in the benefit list !

If you visit Hyundai Premium Outlet Songdo with your tickets,

One cup of Americano will be provided for FREE

at the cafe~!

* Get off the bus at Songdo Techno Park Bus Stop [#5] *


1. Musical BIBAP

World's most delicious performance 'BIBAP'

is also one of the benefits of City Tour !

Visitors possessing the City Tour Free Pass can save up to 80% of the admission fee! 

Impressive, isn't it ?

* 30,000\ ▶ 5,000\ *

( until Dec.29th  2016 / reservation required )

* Performance Time : Mon ~ Thu  8 PM / Sun  5 PM

( No stage for Fri, Sat )

* Get off the bus at Central Park Bus Stop [#7] *

At Tri-bowl Theater

18 Benefits if you buy the City Tour bus ticket !

Don't miss this opportunity and travel Incheon with FUN !

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